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Common Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) and Lesser glow-worm (Phosphaenus hemipterus) males
Dead glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) after egg-laying
Female glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) emerging from pupal skin
Female glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) pupating
Firefly (Lamprohiza paulinoi) larva
Firefly (Photuris sp.) pupa glowing
Firefly (Photuris) larvae
Firefly larva (Micronaspis floridana)
Firefly larva (Micronaspis floridana), tail organ
Fungus on female Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) egg
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) egg hatching
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) eggs
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) glowing
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva attacking garden snail (Helix aspersa)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva attacking Kentish snail (Monacha cantiana)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva attacking slug (Arion ater)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva feeding on slug (Arion ater)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva glowing
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva hanging by tail organ
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva on wood ant nest
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva towing earthworm
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva washing with tail organ
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva, showing defensive organs
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larvae sharing a snail (Oxychilus)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ): larval tail organ
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ): two-headed larva
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) displaying
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) eggs
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) eggs about to hatch
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) female
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva attacking garden snail (Helix aspersa)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva attacking slug
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva moulting to female pupa
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva on Kentish snail (Monacha cantiana)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva on wood ant nest, showing pleural organs
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva overwintering
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva washing
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva with mite
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva, head
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva, newly hatched
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva, tail organ
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larvae gathering
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larvae, first and final instars
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) male
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) males (newly emerged, left)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) pupae: female (left) and male (right)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): 'Siamese' larva
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): dead female after egg-laying
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): female and male pupae
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): female and two males
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): female emerging from pupa
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): female in display position
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): female pupa
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): female with mites
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): first and final instar larvae
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): glowing female
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): larva with fungus
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): larva with tick
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): larval defensive vesicles (photo: E. Trice)
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): male emerging from pupa
Glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca): newly-pupated male
Glow-worm larva (Lampyris noctiluca) attacking snail (Monacha)
Glow-worms (Lampyris noctiluca)
Glow-worms (Lampyris noctiluca) mating
Lesser glow-worm (Phosphaenus hemipterus) larva
Lesser glow-worm (Phosphaenus hemipterus) male
Lesser glow-worm (Phosphaenus hemipterus): adult female
Lesser glow-worm (Phosphaenus hemipterus): female pupa
Lesser glow-worm, Phosphaenus hemipterus, eating earthworm
Male glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca)
Male glow-worms (Lampyris noctiluca)
Newly hatched glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larva
Newly hatched glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca ) larvae
Plaited door snail (Cochlodina laminata)
Rove beetles (Alaobia scapularis) on dead glow-worm larva
Slug attacked by glow-worm (Lampyris noctiluca) larva
Yellow archangel (Lamium galeobdolon)
Cochlodina laminata
Flammulina vetulipes
Lamium galeobdolon
Lamprohiza paulinoi
Lampyris noctiluca
Lampyris noctiluca, Alaobia scapularis
Lampyris noctiluca, Arion ater
Lampyris noctiluca, Helix aspersa
Lampyris noctiluca, Monacha cantiana
Lampyris noctiluca, Oxychilus